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In the Historical and Crucial Moment in which we live Americans, it is necessary and urgent that each Patriot Committed to the Republic, step forward to Clean Government House...

... Therefore Me: Carlos Garin, I am running for the US Federal Congress.

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The Issue is not Partisan at this time in the Country, it is a Save the Nation Issue!

End of Political Antagonism in the COUNTRY, Vote for AGENDAS, Agendas of Interests, Manipulated and Directed by the Leadership of the Democratic Party of the... Estados Unidos!



I am Carlos Garin, an American like you…our country is being destroyed under the attack of communism, but we still have hope, we can save it and become great again, give the family the power of educating our children, invest our taxes in the Americans, create jobs and a modern health system for all and give a fair retirement to the elderly, We are tired of wars, lies and manipulation of bad politicians, it is time for the people, we have to clean the house, wake up Latino…together We are America, I am Carlos Garin a candidate for Congress for the 28th district, an American like you. Give me your vote and we'll go to Congress together. With God and the people for America.

- Carlos Garin

It's Time to Save America...WAKE UP!

Es Tiempo De Salvar America...DESPIERTEN!

  • God's return to schools, goverment, and the family.
    • Freedom of speech, strong borders.
      • Support for Veterans.
        • First home plan for workers and farmers.
          • Small business support.



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